Don't Skip Leg Day

We have all seen the guy who stands up from the bench press with a huge upper body. Our first thought is, "Wow! He must live in the gym!" Then you look down at his legs. It's not a good look: a triangle up top with pencils on the bottom. Today we are talking about the importance of never skipping a leg day.




First off, it's important to remain fully proportional. We never want one side or one part of our body to be out of balance. More importantly, having strong and healthy legs can help you move better through life with less pain and more mobility. Implementing leg exercises regularly into your workout routine can help strengthen and stabilize your low back and core. One of the most common pains that people have is low back pain, and while I've previously touched on how core training can help with back pain (see past blog posts), but so can leg training and here is why.


In the world we live in, we spend a lot of time seated--at a desk at school or work, on the couch in the car, etc.--and being seated for extended periods of time can eventually lead to some issues. The seated position puts a huge stress on your back, neck, and spine. It’s even worse if you tend to slouch while seated. It can also lead to tight hip muscles, which can also put uncomfortable tension on your back. Working out these muscles regularly helps keep them strong and mobile.




On top of feeling better, training your legs is one of the best things you can do for fat loss. The muscles in your legs are some of the largest and most powerful muscles in the body, thus, intense training for these muscles with burn more calories per rep. In addition, most leg exercises incorporate other body parts and add to this effect. Training these large muscles also creates a hormone response in the body that aids in the fat loss and muscle development process.




So, regardless of your fitness goal be sure you never skip a leg day. Besides, it is very satisfying to know you always kill the hardest muscle group!



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