Riley M.

I began training with Logan because I noticed how hard he works in the gym and how strong he was. (When I noticed that, I didn't even know he was a trainer). The day he was advertising his training company, he offered a free session and I accepted it. After my first session I immediately decided to hire Logan. He pushed me beyond what I could do on my own and that was exactly what I needed. Logan provided a nutrition plan for me and after that we scheduled or upcoming sessions and went to work. My experience has been great, I look WAY better than when I started and I have gained a great amount of strength compared to when we first started. Logan knows roughly what time I get to the gym everyday, and every time I'm not in the gym at that time he will text me. A couple of times he has caught me feeling lazy and his text message made me get to the gym and put in the work. All in all Logan is great trainer and person, he is knowledgeable and you can trust him without a doubt. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Steve R.

I started training with Logan because I sought to improve my form and technique to optimize my training. Over 10 years of back pain limited my mobility, movements, and strength milestones. I felt stuck. Fortunately, Logan provided direction and guidance which allowed me to push my intensity and weight. I am now the strongest I have been in 10 years while also keeping my pain low and managed. My mobility has improved substantially, which has allowed me to build greater strength and stability. Training with Logan has absolutely been one of the best decisions I made for my physical health.

Madeline S

I came to Logan with the goals of losing weight and gaining muscle after having a baby. I have struggled with consistently exercising in the past, but Logan helped me make it a habit I could keep. Logan made creative workouts with my limited equipment and was flexible with my needs as a new mom. Logan trained me remotely, but I never felt like I was missing out on anything. The app was easy to use and Logan helped keep me accountable to my commitment. I've lost 15 pounds and feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before!

Christian R

Back in mid July, when searching for a Personal Trainer, Tundra Fitness popped up as one of the most well reviewed Programs in my area, so I jumped on it immediately. I believe in my submission form they asked what kind of personal trainer I was looking for, and I specifically requested a trainer to "kick my ass", and lo and behold, Logan Ammirati became my PT. Ever since day one, Logan has been pushing me to do better and helped me become more comfortable at the gym. He's very approachable, supportive, and knowledgeable when it comes to strength training, and all around great guy. I can't stress enough how much this program has changed my life, and I fell in love with the gym again after being inactive for 10 years. The progress is amazing, and I love what I see in the mirror so far! Thank you, Logan. You and your program is life changing. Gotta keep the grind alive! Let's get iiit!

Dillon C

Shortly after graduating college I realized I was sitting a lot for work and was putting on the pounds. I tried working out on my own for a while but it was hard to be motivated when I didn't know what muscle group I was gonna work out before I got to the gym. I would go and push some weights around for an hour and call it good. After about a month of half trying to go to the gym I realized I needed some help getting started. I knew Logan from a few classes at Utah State University so I reached out to him for help. We had both moved to different states so I was leery as to how a long distance trainer would work out but I gave it a shot. Logan asked me what my goals were and wrote up a training program with workouts each week to help me reach my fitness goals. He also gave me recommendations for calorie intake and macros. I was able to see noticeable differences within a month! If you are looking for someone to push you to reach your goals and be there to help you every step of the way, Logan's your guy!

Timothy P

Definitely one of the best investments I've made! I can't say enough about Logan as a person or as my personal trainer. Logan has helped me elevate my workouts to the NEXT LEVEL. Being a former Division I athlete I was skeptical about hiring a personal trainer but, after my first workout with Logan I realized how beneficial his training would be. Logan's coaching has not only increased my lean body mass, strength, speed, agility and flexibility.. he has also helped me unlock this hidden potential I didn't know I was physically capable of achieving.

His lengthy training experience and science backed research is evident in my customized workout and nutrition program that has been designed to meet my goals. But, the reason I enjoy working with Logan the most is his enthusiasm and passion for helping others shows up in every one of our sessions.

Chantelle T

I've always been an athlete, but once I got out of the game, my body changed in ways that made me lose my positive self-image and confidence. It wasn't until I met Sydney Dickerson that I became serious about my weight loss journey. Within the first few months of training with Sydney, I noticed that I was making fast progress and that made me feel good! I gained my self-confidence back and loved how strong I have gotten. Sydney is passionate, knowledgeable, and motivates you to get off your butt, make those lifestyle changes, and achieve your goals. There was no telling that I lifted at anytime in my life, but with Sydney, I achieved gaining my strength back, losing about 10lbs, and also loving my body again.

Taylor B

Logan Ammirati is a phenomenal trainer with loads of experience. I've spent years working out with him and there is one thing that is a guarantee with training with this guy: you get work done! I've met many personal records and goals with him helping push me to my full potential. You really find out just how strong you really are, not just physically, but mentally! Be prepared to work harder than you ever have, but the sacrifice is well worth the victory!

Ryan K

I first started training with Logan in 2017. I had always wanted to lift weights and improve my physique, but I always felt awkward and embarrassed trying to lift weights by myself at the gym. That all changed when Logan invited me to train with him. The time I spent training with him was one of the most challenging yet rewarding periods of my life. He pushed me to always keep putting more effort into lifting and helped me to believe in myself at the gym. During the course of my time lifting with him, I went from barely being able to bench 135 to eventually benching 385. Even now, the techniques I learned from Logan continue to help me improve my physique.

Justin S

I exited the Marine Corps during January of 2019 and did not work out for 10 months after. I realized I still wanted to be in shape and bought a gym membership with personal training. That is where I met Logan Ammirati. In a matter of 4 months Logan had me in even better shape than when I was serving. He truly knows what he is doing and will help you achieve any fitness goals you set for yourself. He will even help you set goals.

Tom Smokowski

I had been a member of the gym Logan was doing his training for about a month before I approached him about training me. During that time, I had a chance to see his approach with everyone. His time and focus were excellent. I chose to have him train me and I cannot believe how his program has helped me increase not only my size but also my confidence in lifting heavier weights and going well beyond anything I would have done on my own. He has a great relationship with people he has trained in the past and is always open to spending time answering questions for you. I highly recommend Logan if you're looking for a quality trainer.